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Ilan Kalmwood

  • They/Them
  • Renton & King County

About Ilan

Ilan came to Quilted Health after working in a traditional OB/GYN clinic for several years. Seeing room for improvement in the traditional care model, they realized that the client experience needs more flexibility, empathy, and partnership with providers. Their experience motivated Ilan to come into this work with passion around providing accessible and welcoming care to all people.

They believe that care for pregnant people should be available to all genders, races, and abilities. Geography should also not limit people from getting the reproductive care they need. As someone with personal experience as a queer person in healthcare settings, Ilan is inspired by Quilted Health’s mission to actively include all people without assumption or judgment.

Ilan works closely with the clinical team to give each client the care experience that is right for them. They support both midwives and clients by developing smooth operational flows so that nothing gets in the way of client care. Ilan focuses on the Tacoma clinic with the mindset of building flexible and thoughtful systems to actively make our care accessible in a range of ways.


American University,
Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Minor in Spanish Language

Additional Clinical Interests

Reproductive justice, Gender-affirming reproductive care