Van Meter

Years of Experience: 5
Tacoma Clinic

About Rashinique

Rashinique is a medical assistant that has been in the medical field for over 5 years. Ever since she was a child, Rashinique had always known that she was going to grow up and help people, however, it took her awhile to figure out how.

Once Rashinique started raising her younger siblings, she knew she needed something that would be able to give her and her family a better quality of life, which is what sparked her career within the medical field. After working in family practices, diagnostic clinics, and urgent care, Rashinique found that she was very interested in Women's Health. She believes that it’s important to make her patients feel comfortable and to let them know that she’s an advocate to help their wishes be heard and met. As a Black woman in the medical field, Rashinique makes it a point to listen to her patients and make sure they feel like their needs are getting met.

Additional Clinical Interests

Women's Healthcare