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Our Values

Our values are woven into the very fabric of who we are and how we fulfill our mission. We are proud to live these values, from the smallest tasks to the largest initiatives, each and every day.

  • Care for the whole person.

    We see the whole person, hear their true story, and believe their experience.

  • Be bold, kind, and brave.

    We show up for each other. We collaborate, take ownership, and act with empathy and integrity. When faced with conflict we give grace and expect candor.

  • Be anti-racist.

    We use an anti-racist framework in all our decision-making, and actively work to undo systemic barriers to equity.

  • Honor community.

    We respect the work that has come before us, engage with humility, and catalyze change together.

  • Keep growing, make it better.

    We embrace complexity with thoughtful solutions that leave space for evolution. We take risks or the road less traveled to make a bigger impact. Failure is a launchpad for deliberate learning - and so is success.

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