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Quilted Health Acquires Maternity Neighborhood

Combining the power of technology with a vision for midwife-led care

by Christine Henningsgaard
Quilted Health has acquired Maternity Neighborhood, an EHR program built by and for midwives.

Quilted Health was founded in 2019 with a mission to build and champion a model for equitable, whole-person pregnancy care. Through those years, we have been growing within the constraints of our country’s broken pregnancy care system with a big goal to prove that it is possible to build a future where all people, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, ability, or location can access equitable, high-quality care. In pursuing this work, we recognize YOU – the providers, advocates, and organizations who all came to this work well before us. 

We know midwives and doulas lead to better birth outcomes and experiences. We know inclusive care is centered in community. We also know there are thousands of providers delivering compassionate care without the proper tools, incentives, and support that you need and deserve. We believe the future of pregnancy care is right in front of us, and our country needs a unified approach that creates access to and sustainability for high-quality care providers. We view you as part of the community that we have the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to support and champion.

As part of this acquisition, we are delighted to welcome the entire Maternity Neighborhood Team to Quilted Health. Brynne Potter, midwife, CEO, and founder of Maternity Neighborhood, has joined our executive team as Vice President of Provider Success. As many of you know, Brynne is a passionate, dedicated leader who has spent over a decade developing technology solutions that help midwives and doulas deliver exceptional care. We are excited to expand the team’s thoughtful work, to invest more resources to build additional features, and to listen, learn and take action in ways that will help you and your communities thrive.

With much gratitude and excitement, 

Christine Henningsgaard
Founder and CEO, Quilted Health

Christine Henningsgaard
CEO (she/her)

Christine Henningsgaard is the CEO and co-founder of Quilted Health. Christine spent 15 years as a senior executive in healthcare organizations ranging from small startups to large public companies including Amazon Care, Hometeam, and One Medical.

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