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get help with insurance coverage for midwifery care

Many insurance plans cover midwifery care. We can help you learn more about what benefits are covered by your plan and what out-of-pocket costs you may have. We can also help you get reimbursed for care if your provider doesn’t take insurance. Whether you’re considering giving birth at home, a birth center, or a hospital, knowing what your insurance covers and what you may be expected to pay provides peace of mind.

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How much will having a midwife cost me?

First, we’ll help you figure out if midwifery care and your preferred birthing location is covered by your insurance. We'll also provide information about what your estimated out-of-pocket expenses will be. Every state and every insurance policy is different.

What if my midwife doesn't take insurance?

If your midwife doesn’t take insurance, we can file a claim for covered services to get you reimbursed. We handle coding, claims submission, and any follow-up or additional information required by your insurance.

What if my insurance doesn't cover my midwife's care?

If your insurance doesn’t cover your midwife's care, you may qualify for an exception. If your insurance covers midwifery care but not the specific provider or setting that you want, we may be able to obtain an exception and gain in-network coverage.

How it works

Submit your information

Fill out this form to submit your information and payment.

Verify coverage

We’ll call your insurance company to see if you have midwifery benefits and all the details about what is and isn’t covered. We’ll send you a summary of this coverage and your estimated out-of-pocket costs via email within 2 business days.

File a claim

After you receive your care, we can support you by submitting your claim for reimbursement. Simply use the same form to submit your information and payment. We will handle coding, claims submission, and any follow-up or additional information required by your insurance to get you paid.

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