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The Quilted Health Network

The first network for midwives

support for midwives

The Quilted Health Network establishes a path for midwife-led practices to be financially and professionally sustainable. The network preserves and supports the autonomy, uniqueness, and community-oriented care that makes midwifery special. It makes midwife-led care more accessible to those with and without insurance. The network also provides support for midwife-led practices in many ways, from back-office admin work to an uplifting community. All while making it easier for midwives to keep providing the personalized, high-quality care they’re known for.

Curious about the specific ways we can help your practice? Contact us to see how joining the network will benefit you.

Quilted Health Network Services

operational and administrative expertise

We have experts in midwifery billing, credentialing, payer contracting, operations, and quality tracking to support your practice's operations. From timely payments to quality improvements, you'll have best-in-class operational help.

personalized assistance

You'll get access to a dedicated team to help meet your practice goals.

community support

Joining the network comes with access to a community of midwives who are on the same path as you. Together, we can share insights, successes, and feedback to continually improve care and grow midwifery adoption.

joining our network comes with many benefits:

Lighten your workload with our administrative solutions, including billing and collections

Join our insurance contracts and let us manage those contracts and relationships on your behalf (available in certain states)

Leverage business and clinical insights to grow your practice

Participate in benchmarking and quality improvement programs to support optimal outcomes and advocacy for midwifery

Join a like-minded community of midwives to share best practices for clinical care

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